19 May Mobilisation Video

No to Hate, Yes to Change!

Sunday, 19 May 2019 in cities throughout Europe

The European election in May is a potential game-changer for the EU and its 500 million citizens. Huge numbers will be voting for decision-makers who champion positive change in Europe.

Europe is on the wrong track, but a better Europe is worth fighting for. A united Europe is our best chance to pull back the power of the far-right, limit corporation control, really tackle the climate crisis and address discrimination and rights violations, be it about women’s rights or immigration.

But Europe’s far-right extremists want to divide using fear and hate. Their next goal is the European Parliament. In the May election, they want to increase their power and dismantle the EU from within.

We will be disrupting this current political conversation of fear and hate by starting a new one focused on hope and change. Europe also needs to rein in the power of big business and put people before profit. The best thing we can do now is really engage in the European election so that the EU puts its original values – of rights, equality, solidarity and democracy – back into practice.

Join the 19 May events

A better European Union is worth fighting for.

On 19 May Europe will see a huge and colourful collective of rallies, parties, picnics and days of action. Hundreds of thousands of people across Europe will take part from Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and more countries are organising events.

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