WeMove welcomes high European vote turnout following “No to Hate, Yes to Change” mass rallies

May 27 2019, Brussels – Responding to the emerging outcome of the European Parliament election, WeMove Executive Director Laura Sullivan said:

“Turnout at the vote was higher than at any point since the EU officially came into being. WeMove and a huge alliance of partners in Europe mobilised masses of people to vote ‘No to Hate, Yes to Change’. And that’s what we got! The far-right did not rise enough to destroy the Parliament and the European project with their divisive interpretation of ‘change’. And many hopeful new candidates will enter the EP who could take action on the big existential questions like fighting climate change and inequality – shaking up the status quo – especially if we hold these politicians to account. That’s the kind of change we want.”

Notes to editor

  • On May 19, over 200,000 people rallied across Europe as part of the “No to Hate, Yes to Change: One Europe for All” campaign in the run up to the European Parliament election. The aims of the EU-wide campaign were to increase awareness of the European Parliament election, increase voter turnout and reduce the risks posed by the far-right by showing an alternative to their politics of division.
  • WeMove is a citizens’ movement, campaigning for a better Europe; for a European Union committed to social and economic justice, environmental sustainability and citizen-led democracy. We are people from all walks of life, who call Europe our home – whether we were born in Europe or elsewhere.
  • More information on the “No to Hate, Yes to Change” campaign can be found here: yestochange.eu

Media contact:
Dannielle Taaffe

Hundreds of thousands rally across Europe saying “No to Hate, Yes to Change”

May 19th day of European election events

Utrecht May 19 2019 – Just ahead of the European Parliament election, hundreds of thousands of people across Europe are taking to the streets calling on voters to use their ballot and to inspire everyone to make the EU a better place for people and planet.

Groups in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland and Denmark are all running events with many more springing up across European capitals, such as London, Madrid and Paris. The mass demonstrations follow the launch of the “No to Hate, Yes to Change” campaign in April by citizens’ organisation, WeMove, which is supporting the coalition of European NGOs and grassroots groups.

Marches, rallies, festivals, concerts and even giant picnics are happening with everyone taking part saying “No to Hate, Yes to Change” and “One Europe for All” among other national calls to action.

Europe is facing huge challenges from the rise of the far-right, corporate control, the climate crisis, inequality and the threat to women’s rights. WeMove and partners want a different Europe that puts people back at the top of the political agenda.

Speaking from Utrecht, where just one of the events is taking place, Laura Sullivan, Executive Director of WeMove, said: “Today we are on streets across Europe to say no to the hate of the far-right and yes to the change that Europe so badly needs. Current EU leadership is not making decisions for the benefit of people, and certainly not for the planet. The would-be alternatives offered by the far-right are dangerous for all of us. We are calling on people to vote for a Europe where climate change, inequality, corporate power and women’s rights are addressed head on. This election is our opportunity to get the EU back on track.”

The escalation of crises – from food, energy, finance to solidarity – are all taking their toll on people in Europe. Through on and offline campaigning, WeMove and its campaign partners share a vision for a Europe where people are empowered and politicians are held accountable. The result of next week’s election will impact the lives of the EU’s 512 million citizens.

“With our Hart boven Hard campaign in the Netherlands, we are appealing today to politicians to listen to the voices of those who want refugees and migrants to be treated humanely, to tackle climate change and to make the economy fairer,” said Jurjen van den Bergh, Director of De Goede Zaak, the Dutch group coordinating the Utrecht rally alongside over 30 organisations from established NGOs like Amnesty International to unions and grassroots initiatives.

Over two hundred groups are taking part in events today in at least 51 cities for a better Europe. In Poland, for example, 16 events have been organised while in Germany rallies are happening in the country’s major cities, and in London, Madrid and Paris many from the Romanian communities there are hitting the streets.

“Voters who want a fair, sustainable, inclusive and just society vastly outnumber the small group that is out to divide Europe. We need to ensure Europe gets back to its original values and that can only happen if people get out and vote in the election next week,” said Sullivan.

Notes to editor:

Schedule of “No to Hate, Yes to Change” events:

  • VIENNA, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 14:00, Meeting point: Christian-Broda-Platz
    (U6 Westbahnhof) – Final rally: Heldenplatz
  • STEYR, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 10:00, Meeting point: Wieserfeldplatz
    Fest for Europe: Stadtplatz
  • FELDKIRCH, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 18:00, Meeting point: Montforthaus
  • BERLIN, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 12:00 Meeting point: Alexanderplatz
  • FRANKFURT, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 11:45, Meeting point: Opernplatz
  • HAMBURG, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 12:00, Meeting point: Rathausmarkt
  • COLOGNE, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 11:00, Meeting point: Sternmarsch
  • LEIPZIG, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 12:00 Meeting point: Wilhelm-Leuschner
  • MUNICH, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 12:00 Meeting point: Odeonsplatz
  • STUTTGART, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 13:00, Meeting point: Arnulf-Klett-Platz
  • BUDAPEST, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, Meeting point: Széchenyi Chain Bridge
  • GENOA, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 18:00, Porto Antico Genova
  • MILAN, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 16:00-18:00 Castello Sforesco di Milano,
    Piazza Castello
  • UTRECHT, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 13:00-17:00, Meeting point: Park Transwijk
  • SOFIA, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 13:00-16:00, Meeting point: City Garden
  • STOCKHOLM, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 13:00–16:00, Meeting point:
    Sergelstorg, 111 57 Norrmalm, Stockholms Län
  • GOTHENBURG, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 13:00–16:00, Meeting point:
    Götaplatsen, 412 80 Gothenburg
  • MALMO, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 13:00–16:00, Meeting point:
    Möllevångstorget, 214 24 Malmö
  • COPENHAGEN, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 0930, Marathon route
  • WARSAW, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019,13:00-14:00, Meeting point: Pomnik Mikolaja
  • Kopernika w Warszawie
Plus 15 smaller events at 1-2.30pm in:
  • Częstochowa, Plac Biegańskiego
  • Człuchów, Rynek
  • Gałkówek (pod Łodzią), stacja kolejowa Gałkówek
  • Grodzisk Mazowiecki, deptak 11 listopada przy placu Wolności
  • Kraków, Rynek Główny u wylotu ul. Siennej
  • Kozienice, pod Pomnikiem Niepodległości
  • Legnica, Rynek przy fontannie Neptuna
  • Lublin, Plac Łokietka 1, pod Ratuszem
  • Nowy Sącz, Rynek, pod Ratuszem
  • Olecko, Plac Wolności
  • Olsztyn, Rynek Starego Miasta, pod Babami Pruskimi
  • Podkowa Leśna, róg ul. Akacjowej i ul. Jana Pawła II
  • Puławy, Skwer Niepodległości
  • Rumia, Plac przed Urzędem Miasta
  • Wrocław, Rynek, pod Ratuszem
United Kingdom
  • LONDON, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 16:00-18:00, Meeting point: 1 Belgrave
    Square, SW1X 8PH
  • PARIS, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 15:00-17:30, Meeting point: Place du
    Trocadero, 75016
  • MADRID, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 16:00-18:00, Meeting point: Avenida de
    Alfonso XIII, 157
  • BARCELONA, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 17:00-18:00, Meeting point: Arc de
    Triumph 08003
  • ZURICH, SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2019, 18:00-19:00, Meeting point: Rathausbrucke

– WeMove gGmbH is a citizens’ movement, campaigning for a better Europe; for a European Union committed to social and economic justice, environmental sustainability and citizen-led democracy. We come together at critical moments to take action to effect political change on an EU level, to build a more citizen-centred Europe.

– NGOs and grassroots groups involved include #aufstehn (Austria), Campact (Germany), aHang (Hungary), Genova che osa (Italy), De Goede Zaak (Netherlands), Declic (Romania), Skiftet (Sweden), Friends of Nature (Bulgaria), Akcja Demokracja (Poland), Le Mouvement (France), Nyt Europa (Denmark) and Grupul Civic Madrid (Spain).

– The European Parliament election runs from May 23rd – 26th 2019.

Media contact: Dannielle Taaffe – +353838693303 / dannielle@wemove.eu /